If you are interested in serving others, Middle Creek is the church for you. We are involved in many mission activities.Online Giving button

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR) allows non profits organizations to receive overstocked goods from manufacturers. Middle Creek reaches out to mission causes throughout the region allowing them to place NAEIR orders through us and we distribute the good to them. Each year we are able to give away around $100,000.00 of items to these mission causes.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Middle Creek has participated in several mission trips to New Orleans to build houses post Katrina and Iowa to clean up after the floods. We made trips to Fairdale, IL after the devastating tornado in 2015 to help rebuild the community as well as donated prayer shawls and quilts made my our members.

Equal Exchange is a fair trade organization that offers coffee, chocolate, nuts and food products. Middle Creek sells these items to help farmers around the world earn a fair wage for their work.

Hunger Program helps feed people around the world. Middle Creek gardeners bring in food to sell to members. The proceeds of the sales goes to the hunger program.

People Helping People provides food to people in Byron, IL. Middle Creek collects food to give to People Helping People.

Kindred Heart Stitchers provide quilts for those who need comfort and care. They have made quilts for new babies, those who are ill, and children who do not have a permanent home.

Church World Service (CWS) provides blankets and tools to help those who have endured a disaster. They serve throughout the world. Our Presbyterian Women coordinate the giving of health kits, school kits, blankets other aid given by CWS.

Heifer Project donates livestock to under privileged countries abroad.  Our Sunday School children raised enough money to supply two cows to this project in 2016.

CROP Hunger Walk is a nation wide walk that provides for the hunger in our community and abroad. Our members walk in this event yearly and in 2015 raised $1660.00 for the cause.

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