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Faithful messengers are as refreshing

as snow in the heat of summer.

Proverbs 25:13a

This has been one hot summer and while I am not wishing for snow, there have been many times when desires for something cold overwhelm all other thoughts. As I was searching for a scripture on summer, this one popped up.

Did you ever think that bringing the message of the good news of Jesus can be refreshing to those who are in the heat of despair or grief or pain? Sometimes we forget how much sharing a word of faith with those who are suffering will bring relief.

This message is not simply one in which we encourage the suffering to have faith, but rather is one in which we assure them that Jesus is there, walking by their side, being faithful when their faith is struggling. It is one in which we remind them that Holy Spirit is there to comfort, heal, encourage, strengthen and persevere. It is one in which we share with them that God is there loving them with a love that casts out fear.

When you encounter someone who is struggling with the heat of a tough situation, don’t feel like you have nothing to offer. Being the messenger of the good news is the best help you can give. Bring that refreshing, restoring, regenerating message along with a prayer. Be a little snow to relieve the heat.

Stay cool and remember in everything we do we do it…

All for Jesus,

Pastor Anita

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