Vacation Bible Camp


hero central


Kris Bomgarden

VBC Director

Thanks to all who helped to make our VBC Hero Central a huge success! We had 33 superheroes attend throughout the week. We had five fantastic evenings discovering our strength in God.

A huge thank you goes to Dan Bomgarden, Ryan Bomgarden, Dennis Herbert and Pat Steva for erecting the set. Sarah Cook, Gail Pollard, Ryan and Brenda Bomgarden, with Megan, Jack and Matthew, helped with the decorating.  A special thanks goes to the station leaders: Pastor Anita and Brenda Bomgarden for the Bible Adventures, Janet Frawley, Jean Bridgeland and Kylie Lenox for the Crafts, and Ryan Bomgarden, assisted by Mega Bomgarden, for Super Science.  Nathaniel Bomgarden helped with assembly time as the puppeteer for Flame. We had awesome crew leaders as well:  Pat Stahl, Bonnie Toomsen, Christine Patterson, Matt Phillips, Pat Steva, Brookelyn Carlson, and Linda Burkhart. Shannon and Leann Shrader and Catherine and Jacob McCray also helped with the crews. Pastor Anita and Kim Shrader led the music with Karen Finch on sound and Frank Finch on the computer. Karen was also our photographer for the Spotlight theater which was a highlight seeing the kids enjoy each station each evening.

And, naturally, we can’t forget all those who provided the delicious meals each night.  Thanks also goes to those who signed up and donated goods from the Hero Central chart and those who helped with the break down and clean up on Thursday night. We are blessed with so many who are willing to help.

Our mission project this year was to support our local food pantry People Helping People We collected lots of food items and $135 in money donations as our way of “doing good!” Thanks goes to Garrett Zoet for taking the food and money to the pantry.

I encourage you to help us create another successful VBC next year!!

“Do good, seek peace and go after it!” Psalm 34:14b








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